Southern Ways

Sitting on my haunches, my left elbow a makeshift tripod, I felt a heady rush as I peered through the view-finder, my finger poised on the shutter-release button. This truly was an enchanted garden—a garden that only exists in Southern fairytales. Wild wisteria wound tightly around lanky cypresses and tupelos, casting their long gray-green reflections into the murky swamp while Spanish moss draped from every tree, resembling grandmother’s lace among sprays of sherbet-colored azaleas. Cypress knees posed like leprechauns at the edge of the water, peering over the alligators lazily skimming through patches of lime-green. (DeTomi, 2012)


DeTomi, S (2012, December). Excerpted from Superweed. Originally published December, 2012 for online blog: