Browse through some examples of my photography customized to fit the interior design and specific requests of clients including mounting and framing options.

Intriguing Pair

This pair went to a science fiction writer with an affinity for the macabre. The titles, “Uprooted” and “Etched in Sand”, lend to their intrigue.

I framed them in solid wood hand-stained black frames with the natural grain of the wood showing through–this detail accented the lines and texture in the photographs.

Etched Series framed in solid black with detailing


Abstract Coastal Series

This series of abstract coastal photographs ushers you into a soft and peaceful earth-toned bedroom, part of a stunning open and airy home overlooking a marsh.

I framed them in solid wood white stained frames to accent the soft coastal colors.

Abstract series of coastal photographs
Left to right, “Layers Reinvented”, “Layers”, “Sea Meets Sky Again”

Coastal abstracts usher you into earth-toned bedroom
Coastal abstracts usher you into earth-toned bedroom


Antique Gem

A woman brought me a pristine little antique gold frame in which to mount my photograph, “Monet’s Pond”. Her home was filled with interesting art and memorabilia, and she clearly had a flair for eclectic design.

Putting it all together wasn’t easy because the frame was very old, delicate, and crooked, so it needed a bit of TLC. She was pleased with the finished piece and noticed how the gold and detail on the frame brought out the green and gold highlights in the photograph.

"Monet's Pond" framed in antique gold